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Two men wearing masks. one man standing is in a horror mask the other in a parrot mask.

Hi my names John W Baldwin. Welcome to my digital art portfolio.

Through out my journey I have been constantly exploring location in space and perception. Exploring the responses and reactions to the visual image, audial sculptures and immersive qualities that are contained in my work. I try to consider the interaction between the art and the audience with further contemplations to space in both the negative and positive, this includes relationship and the association of the object/person/location. I enjoy exploring the essential unreality of the mind.

With influences as diverse as Michelangelo, J.R, Sue Austin and John Cage.

The fascination of the endless oscillation of the human condition. Dialectics of temptation, leaving only the senses to be drawn upon in an attempt to create new understanding.

As subtle phenomena become reconfigured through emergent and critical practice into contemplation of neurology and art. 

I hope you enjoy exploring my portfolio. Any comments are always welcome.

Image relating to the caged and the free

sculpture in wood of a wheel and its shadow.

 Above. A screen created to display film and the shadow it cast.

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