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Out thinking the future.

CV John Baldwin edit for broomhill 3.tiff

One that got away but, I was damn close to being right. 

Childs gas mask in a childs' play shopping basket

Considering the title. “Out thinking the future.”

The future is a time to come yet never Is. Yet will exist. It is inevitable. It is inescapable. 

It is a space/time that isn’t. it is a point in beyond the now and the past but something that is always in flux.

How does one create a paradox?

The space beyond the now.


Working on two initial ideas for this project and after a few sketches I decided to get making and to sketch in 3dimensions this is good for a number of reasons.


  • It is always a good idea to critique work in the form in which it is to be or exist. Comparing an image in two dimensions against that which is in 3D. Should not be done.

  • Leads to reactions in different materials

  • Neurological reaction (have you ever had an idea just pop in your head?)

  • Can give rise to secondary sculpture which informs the aesthetic qualities of either.

  • Is an excellent opportunity to work in the abstract, taking photos and experimenting with forms in their raw state.

  • Opportunity to consider build and the presence of the sculpture.

  • One can play with lighting (for exterior installations this should always be a consideration.


The idea.


A shopping trolley mounted on a platform atop of road wheels, bronzed and filled with other bronzed items. 

With connotations to grave goods found in the mounds of Viking and Egyptian burials.

Basics of food, water and the essentials needed after a post-apocalyptic event will be contained inside. Please see maquette.


A remnant of a time past. The trolley a symbol of the shopping habits and the change in them with the implication of the irony of abandonment, an object often found in the most obscure locations -this trolley has been adapted. Is it practical or is it a monument?


With phrases that have become common place with the digital age. 

Would you like to view your trolley? Go to check out? Please Put item in your basket?


During the beginning of the pandemic the Vilification of a full trolley of toilet rolls was particularly interesting. People were seen as selfish.

I decided to create a made narrative.


 An imagined future.


“In a new world where oil and petroleum are no longer obtainable. Climate has changed to the extremes. Pandemics have come and gone, and the human race has reverted to tribal mechanisms. There is a new social construct.  The human race once thriving in its own magnificence is once again nomadic travelling from newly connected continents following the warmth of the seasons, collaborating and bartering with items sourced and found.” 

What would you place in your trolley?

  • Gas masks,

  • Air containers (tanks). 

  • Water bottles.

  • First aid box.

  • Protective equipment (NBC suit).

  •  A cricket Bat. (for protection and gaming).

  • Books.

  • A collection of miscellaneous items. Toys possibly.

  • Solar panel

  • Drone

  • Toilet rolls


The sculpture will emulate the bronzes of antiquity. Question the importance of those objects and their relevance in the imagined future.

maquette of a bronzed shopping trolley filled with various bronzed items
red retro oil can with a spray painted silhouette of a man in radioactive protective suit and mask
a collection of containers including binoculars and bottles, oil cans and tin cans all bronzed.
 Oil cans by BP and PRATT all in different states of patina, bronzed.
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