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1."Touch". 2019-2020

Item A sensory piece created especially for this exhibition .

90cm x 85.5cm

white square with two smaller rectangles  at the top all in white called touch. 2019-2020

"Footpints       in the



Plaster relief 

1m x39cm. 

Cast tyre prints in plaster mounted on board

cast tyre prints of a wheechair three , one metre lengths on a board back ground in white
the thames in collage in newspaper  print with the houses of parliament in oils in background

@ number 20 joy street in 2020. 

I just couldn’t resist, the address i mean.

The work on display is a selection of pieces that have many different and epistemological connections some are a consideration of identity and others are commentary , one invites you to interact on the most basic level of touch. Yet all will affect the viewer differently. 

Over the past three years I have been exploring the neurological aesthetics how art effects or affects the brain. The complications of the neurological processes and the neuroplasticity of the brain. 


What we know about the properties of the brain is constantly under investigation and the suggestion that an aesthetic sense is universal in human experience is not a new concept. However with recent advances in technologies I have been exploring how the brain reacts to the Arts and continue to do so.

How the architecture of the mind is the beauty of music, dance or visual art and that they are secured already within the mind or is it quite simply as Agnes Martin put  “… that beauty is in the mind.....look at the rose..........”

"End of may /a Brexit blueprint"(Above) 2016-2019

Oil on canvas and collage

assemblage  with a man walking through plaster skulls a hooded figure on the right and gold building
close up of plaster skulls stacked and John millions lost paradise showing through the eye sockets

"Paradigms."2018-2019 (Above and right)

Oil on acrylic , gold leaf and plaster relief on Canvas. 1m x 1m

with a poem ....not mine.

abstract of round shapes in blue and red with black lines on  yellow back ground.
black lines with yellow blue and red circles on a white background resembling circuit switches

"Abstract of disability"

Irony .2019-2020

Combine metal sculpture steel 1m x39cm

assemblage iron saddle hook and steel ball constructed of strips
oil painting of a wave breaking with plastic bottles floating in the waves

"After Greta" 

Oil on canvas with two molded acrylic 82cm x 61cm


abstract painting of metallic lines on a blue background in acrylic

"RWY" 2017
Acrylic on canvas 
89.5cm x 60cm

"The complication of movement".Oil on acrylic on canvas 182cm x 129cm approx                        

black tyre prints on large canvas of mixed green and whites in the background
laser cut book in the shape of a gun with the words of the title the world at war of the book

11. "Winners history." 2012-2013

       Lazer cut book 30cm x 15cm

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