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Not The Full Story.

About the musical chairs

The initial idea. Where did it come from?

The Mission to create an experience. 

 Chairs were so important in fine art , the position of where we see from and how we see and at this moment in time, how we are seen.
Art is about how you look at the subject.
One might also consider also the language?

a pastel picture of a wheelchair after van gogh crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
photograph of a needle in contact with a broken record. in yellow. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

I was watching a lecture about Tony Conrad.

He was using a drill to turn a record. The first thought that occurred to me was, how he talked about music.

the second was,

what is this man doing?

was it this artists'  work / music that created cognitive tunnels between the act of my thinking, art and sound.

So I got a drill and a record.

didn't want to make the record turn I wanted to do something different I wanted to create a new sound a different piece of art from music.

I took a record and reduced it .







broken records pieces reasembled crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

When i say i reduced..... I cut them, drilled them broke them even reconstructed them. 


I know I wanted to combine the Chair and music.
The why was unclear at this point.
The how was a bit fuzzy.
I was looking forward to the experimentation.

image of a collection of parts from a wheelchair and record player. a projection covers elements of the ensemble. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
deconstructed and reconstructing the form

deconstructed and reconstructing the form