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A paper laser cut box used to make abstract film. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
One of the boxes going on its journey at the venice biennale. crackedpainter. John Baldwin. Venice vending machine.

Below.Art Reveal Magazine “VM4 Goes to Hamburg” by Art Reveal Magazine. An online article about the Vending Machine Exhibition at Hamburg Altonale, of which I was one of the participating artists (July 2016)

a collection of laser cut boxes that were later used in a sculpture bomb at the guggenhiem bilboa. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

2016.   A collateral exhibition in the Serra Dei Giardini at the Venice Biennale with

photo kindly supplied by Marina Monroe

a rectangle laser cut sculpture used to create abstract film exploring paredolia. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
Borders exhibition sculpture.boxes emerge from a canvas made in plaster of paris wood and paper. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
artist and paticipator of the venice vending machine in hamburg crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

 Above; 2017. Group Exhibition “Borders” Castle Bude. Cornwall. Medium; plaster and paper 

black and white photo of the representation of described pain. Female form with multiple lines crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
yellow line of a reclining nude on a blue backgound crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
photo of described pain in red on a dark background, mutiple lines of the female form overlaying crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Above; A collection of photographs that illustrate the description of pain. 2016  Photographic Print

various dimensions

Right; Demonstration of reach through the lack of a handprint.

recycled plastic bottles.spray paint acrylic, pigment and wood.

419 mm x 838mm 

a selection of 15 generic spray bottles in white. on three shelves . the bottles have finger prinst over, on the lower shelf. One bottle has a red spot on the middle shelf. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

RWY. Royal William Yard. 2017 metallic acrylic on canvass

600mm x 900mm approx.

acrylic on canvas in metalic paint. abstract of boat masts glistening. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Reification of music 

a selection of cut 78'records arranged into a think line . that graduates both top and bottom crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Re-asembled music.

Medium. Broken 78" records cut on board. 2017

black tyre prints on a jade background 6'x6 crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Complication of movement. 2017.

medium; oil on acrylic , stretched canvass.

size; 6' x 6' approx.

Encapsulates the movement and the use of the wheel and the demonstration of using the wheel in  my dimensions of reach. Contained within the canvass 

red postbox door from elisabeth the second model with words cut from a newspaper saying mon duchamp doesnt mind and rauschenburg leaves it up 2 you. the M and C are red in colour the 2 is blue . mc2. crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Einstein. 2017

response to " I'm not with Duchamp".

post box theory, Plankt quantum theory.

assemblage cast iron and topography

two intruments made from crutches and guitar strings crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Left; Didley bows. 2017


medium aluminium, wood, guitar strings, nut and bolt and hose clip.

interactive installation.

Peninsula Art Gallery Plymouth.


abstacted and pixalated image from a film. showing the royal william yard plymouth crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Pixelated still taken from a film and shot from a  camera fixed to a wheel. 2017

Below - two crutches turned into musical instruments, both G-strings...

Enough said.

white plaster of paris casts of the positve vaccuum form of the negative space of a wheelchair wheel crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Negative positives taken from a wheel. 2017

medium; plaster of paris.

size 30cm diameter approx

a lamp. a women holds an oversized surfboard. consructed in plastic wood and projection cinefilm weaved to make the main body of the board crackedpainter. John Baldwin.


Maquette created for sculpture for a Bideford round- about to celebrate Westward ho!

medium; wood, cine film and acrylic.

914mm x 762mm.

illusionary projection of a shadow from a paper consructed wheelchair crackedpainter. John Baldwin.

Deceptive shadow.2013.

medium; paper and lighting 

Below a sculpture that caused a bit of a stir. standing 6' 3" tall about the balance of disability.

This height was important my height before the wheelchair it ended up being chained to the ceiling. So funny seeing a sculpture about how difficult it can be to come to terms with a change in perception and position being restrained with chains, oh the irony.

Health and Safety!

a side of a wheelchair and two wheels balanced on a tripod 6'3" in height in gallery setting crackedpainter. John Baldwin.
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